Rooftop Concept at TriPointe Plaza

Tripointe Rooftop


The Rooftop Concept at TriPointe Plaza calls for the construction of a new rooftop restaurant on the top level of TriPointe’s garage that will add approximately 10,000 SF of indoor and outdoor dining space.

  • The new rooftop restaurant can stay open to 3am which offers a unique opportunity to cater to late night clientele and to further accommodate the dinner patrons of Eddie V’s which closes at 11pm on weekdays and 12am on weekends
  • Patrons of the restaurant will have panoramic views of Raymond James Stadium, International Mall, Downtown Tampa, Tampa International Airport, and the open waters of Tampa Bay with a great vantage point for viewing the brilliant sunset unique to Florida’s west coast
  • Landlord will deliver a shell rooftop box ready for further interior improvement as a restaurant with a roof, perimeters, walls/windows, floor deck, sanitary lines, and utility service stubs
  • The landlord will also provide two high-speed elevators. One will be used for patrons to access the restaurant and the other will be used for the “back of house” operations
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